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MPC's Service Philosophy

One-stop solutions: Provide complete spare parts procurement services to simplify the purchase process for clients.

  • Enhanced communication: Maintain close communication at every stage to understand clients’ needs.
  • Transparent services: Real-time order tracking and updates for full transparency.
  • Smooth purchase: Streamlined procurement process for easy and smooth purchase experience.
  • Cost-effective: Direct factory supply chain ensures lower costs compared to spot purchases.
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Spare Parts Supply

We provide professional spare parts supply and technical support services. Through direct factory supply and strict quality control, we offer high value and reliable spare parts products to customers. We also provide product consultation, technical training, debugging guidance and other technical support to fully meet customers’ procurement needs.


  • Direct factory supply ensures competitive pricing
  • Strict quality control to guarantee product performance
  • Professional technical support provided
  • Customized solutions tailored to individual needs
  • Real-time order tracking for full transparency

Purchasing Process

At MPC Marine, our vision is to chart a course as the world’s premier marine parts provider. For over a decade, we have sailed together with customers and partners, innovating and adapting along the way to consistently deliver quality products and service. 

Price inquiry

Customers provide details on required parts numbers, quantities, specifications, etc.


Our sales team responds with a formal quote within 24 hours, listing out itemized spare parts with unit prices, total costs, delivery lead times, payment terms, etc.

Order Confirmation

Customers review the quote and formally place the purchase order if agreeing to the terms.


We send a proforma invoice for customers to complete payment via bank transfer. Payment must be received before order fulfillment.

Inventory Check

Our warehouse team checks inventory levels of ordered parts and purchase additional stock if needed.

Delivery Preparation

The warehouse packs and parcels the order, generates shipping labels and hands over to our logistics partner.

Shipment Tracking

Customers receive tracking number to monitor shipment status online in real-time.

Aftersales Support

Our aftersales engineers provide technical support if customers encounter any issues with the parts.

OEM/ODM Customization

We also provide OEM/ODM customization services to produce specialized spare parts tailored to customers’ equipment and requirements. With flexible manufacturing capabilities, we can customize parts in terms of dimensions, materials, quality grades, etc. to match your unique specifications.Our OEM/ODM services include:

  • Custom designs based on technical drawings
  • Material selection consulting
  • Quality control system tuning
  • Small batch trial production
  • Mass production capability
thermostat manufacturing
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Aftersales Service Policy

We are committed to providing professional and attentive aftersales service to ensure customers can fully and properly utilize our products.

Aftersales Policy:

  • Genuine parts guarantee: Ensure genuine original factory parts provided
  • Return and exchange service: Unconditional returns or exchanges if quality issues are discovered
  • Technical support: Free troubleshooting and diagnosis for product faults
  • Upgrades: Customers can get product updates at discounted prices

Aftersales Process:

At MPC Marine, our vision is to chart a course as the world’s premier marine parts provider. For over a decade, we have sailed together with customers and partners, innovating and adapting along the way to consistently deliver quality products and service. 

Issue feedback

Customers can contact our aftersales team to report any product quality or usage issues, providing details of the problem and product information.

Logging and assessment

Our aftersales team logs each case in our CRM system and assesses the problem through investigation. We categorize issues by type and severity.

Solution proposal

Based on our assessment, we diagnose root causes and propose solutions, whether it’s replacement parts, remote technical support or other options. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Customer Confirmation

Customers review and confirm the solution plan before execution. If customers are not satisfied with the initial proposal, we will work with them repeatedly to modify the plan until it meets their approval.

Solution Execution

Once the customer confirms the solution plan, we swiftly execute – sending replacement parts, or providing remote support.

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Comprehensive inventory

A broad selection of wholesale parts

Stringent quality assurance

Rigorous quality control and testing

Agile fulfillment

Quick turnaround times and flexible delivery

Attentive service

Responsive support and supply chain transparency

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