OEM and ODM Manufacturer – Marine Parts China

Our manufacturing expertise stems from the symbiotic relationship between our skilled employees and state-of-the-art equipment.

By leveraging our team’s extensive experience and the advanced capabilities of our machinery, we are able to optimally design and produce high-quality rubber and plastic marine parts.

We continuously pursue innovation across design, production, and development to deliver OEM and ODM-level products that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. 

OEM and ODM Capabilities

Our seasoned manufacturing experts and engineering talent stand ready to collaborate with you in creating bespoke marine components. We deliver original concept designs and true OEM-grade quality for every customer. Our dedicated design team works hand-in-hand with engineering to facilitate product design, rapid prototyping, and rigorous testing.

Leveraging your project requirements and specifications, we:


Explore innovative solutions through collaborative ideation sessions


Develop meticulous technical drawings, models, and specifications


Build advanced prototypes utilizing state-of-the-art techniques


Manufacture customized parts with unparalleled precision


Conduct comprehensive quality assurance testing


Coordinate streamlined timelines for on-time delivery

PLC control double-fly-fork winder

Quality Assurance

We follow strict QA procedures to minimize errors in the final result. We maintain calculated inspections according to the mandates put down by ISO 9001 certification standards. The entire process is traceable and proven through the quality of our goods.

Our Processes

We follow the processes below in a typical OEM/ODM program:

  • You can send us an email mentioning your requirements for OEM/ODM products.
  • The email should contain your logo, business cards, boxes, and other design materials.
  • We will give you a quote for product prices and printing charges.
  • You will initiate a PO for manufacturing the products.
  • You can start promoting your marine parts, and we will scale operations to meet your requirements.

We do not provide OEM/ODM parts for some categories. Get in touch with us to know whether your product qualifies.

We Have Great Answers

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We have over 10 years of experience helping companies manufacture and design boat parts in the United States. We are the leading manufacturers of high-quality marine parts and use state-of-the-art tools to provide durability and good value for money. We use multiple quality assurance processes through our experience to guarantee you the best parts.

We sell our parts globally and understand the custom requirements of global manufacturers. We understand OEM requirements and offer custom designs.

We strictly follow manufacturing requirements and believe in quality over anything else. We have QA processes in place to minimize operational flaws.

We prioritize quality across all parts of our business, including products, people, and processes.

We value our employees and human stakeholders across the manufacturing and selling process. We believe in the skills and experience of our employees and meet customer requirements through their valuable efforts and insights.

We believe in exceptional customer service with emergency landlines for emergency service. Our customers can call us anytime to request quotes and find detailed lists of products.

Sustainability matters to us, and we aim to provide sustainable growth with exceptional design. We assess all risks and opportunities and give a complete experience to all customers.

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