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Marine engine thermostats are a crucial component in a boat’s engine system, designed to regulate engine temperature with precision.

Utilizing a sensitive bimetallic coil and a precisely calibrated valve, the thermostats respond to rising coolant temperatures by expanding the coil to open the valve, allowing coolant flow. This mechanism ensures precise control to maintain the optimum operating temperature.

Marine Parts China’s thermostats are tested to meet OEM standards for optimal fit and function, ensuring reliable service life with a manufacturer warranty.

  • Extensive testing to meet strict OEM specifications for durability, reliability and precise fit, delivering OE-quality function.
  • 500 hours of salt spray testing and over 20,000 open-close cycles.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Manufacturer’s Defect in Material or Workmanship
8M0139434 Thermostat with gasket for Mercury Mercruiser

Water Pump Kits/Impellers

MPC(Marine Parts China)‘s impellers are manufactured with robust thermoplastic or rubber materials purposely selected to withstand harsh marine environments.

To validate their durability, each MPC’s impellers must undergo:

  • strict dimensional tolerance control within 0.1mm and dynamic balancing to achieve vibration-free operation even at high speeds.
  • Comprehensive tests on pressure, temperature, endurance, etc.

Our goal is to deliver impellers with uncompromising quality that surpass OEM standards, while maintaining a competitive price-to-performance ratio.

6G0-44352-02-00 Water Pump Impeller for Yamaha

Trim Motors

MPC (Marine Parts China)‘s tilt trim motors serve as direct replacements for various marine propulsion systems including Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, and more. Manufactured to OEM specifications with precision equipment, they ensure optimal compatibility and trouble-free installation. Extensive testing guarantees reliable performance and durability to lower maintenance costs. 

  • Meet the marine grade SAE J1171 and ISO8847 standards
  • High quality brushes, bushings and armatures for longer service life
  • Includes harnesses, relays and heavy-duty valves where applicable 
  • True-fit design ensures perfect fit with each installation
67C-43880-01 PH200-T073 18-6748 Trim Motor for YAMAHA


MPC (Marine Parts China) owns a professional marine engine sensor manufacturing facility. Over the years, we have been dedicated to the R&D and production of various sensors for boat engines and have strong in-house R&D capabilities, covering:

  • Oil pressure sensors, for real-time monitoring of oil pressure
  • Temperature sensors, to prevent engine overheating
  • Knock sensors, to warn against abnormal engine vibration
  • Oxygen sensors, to optimize fuel injection and more

We implement full process management from incoming material inspection, semi-finished product inspection to finished product inspection, and conduct various tests on every new product, including dynamic high/low-temperature test, thermal shock test, life test, vibration test, etc., to ensure safety and reliability. 

69J-85885-00 888204T TPS Sensor for Yamaha


892681 18-33211 Fuel Pressure Regulator for Mercury Mercruiser

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18-3524 6CE-12411-00 GLM13018 Thermostat for Yamaha


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Trim Motor for OMC/Johnson/Evinrude

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